Thursday, September 10, 2015

September 10, 2015---Michelle’s driveway, Loveland, Colorado

We spent some time this morning doing chores around the “old homestead” (aka the motorhome). We just don’t seem to ever get everything done.

At 11:00, Natalia came for a visit.  We hadn’t seen her since JP and Rosie’s wedding.  We had lots to catch up on.

We were really trying hard to think of a place to go for lunch.  Natalia suggested McDonald’s, since it is just across the street from the new Dunkin Donuts.  We could have our lunch and then cross the street for dessert.  We agreed it was a good plan.

With very happy tummies, we went back home to finish Natalia’s visit.  Joshua came home from work just as we got there, so he joined in the fun!  Bill and Ron were able to get the air conditioner fixed in Natalia’s car.  It was a warm day, so I’m sure she enjoyed having the AC working.

I took a nap until Meredith and the pups came to have some play time.  Joey had been having a good time chasing tennis balls, until he stepped on something in the grass.  We later figured out that he had stepped on a yellow jacket.  He licked his paw for a long time.  It was a heart breaker when he held up his paw for Meredith to see.  He just wanted Mama to comfort him.  She gave him some Benedryl and soon took him home for some pain medicine.  He is sensitive to bites and stings.  I’m glad I didn’t have to use my Epie Pen on him!

The wind was blowing when we finished dinner, so we voted not to take a walk.

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