Saturday, September 12, 2015

September 12, 2015---Michelle’s driveway, Loveland, Colorado

The day started out great.  Michelle made waffles and fried bacon to go with it.  Um, yum!  She is a very good waffle cooker.  That is always a treat for us, because we don’t have a waffle maker.

After we finished eating breakfast, Michelle, Tippy, and I went for a walk...around the block.  I had to stop and rest twice.  I got tired very quickly today.

I lay down to rest when we got back home.  Meredith came to take me shopping.  Our first stop was at the pet store.  Yesterday, when Joey was here, he went to the drawer where I keep the treats.  I didn’t have anything for him and Hapa.  We rectified that situation.

At the pet food store, there were two big dogs that wanted to play.  One of them brought me a chewed on tennis ball.  I threw it down the aisle several times.  One of them had trouble running after it because the floor was slick.  But we all had a good time.

Our second stop was at Dollar Tree.  I had several things on my “mental list.”  I think we managed to get everything we needed.

We drove north to Fort Collins for lunch.  We had Mexican food.  It was good, but both brought home half of what we had ordered.  Bill got my leftovers.  That’s how it usually works!

We went to Trader Joe’s for just a few items and then drove to Costco.  I used their motorized shopping cart and managed to avoid running into any of the other shoppers.  I’m sure the management appreciated my careful driving.

We got home in time to watch the beginning of the NASCAR race.  We have been having some problems when we try to record a show.  Today, Bill wanted to record the NASCAR race and the Oregon Ducks football game.  The VCR was locked into the race and wouldn’t record the Ducks game.  Not to worry though, because Ron was watching the game in the house!  The picture was good, but the sound was a bit of a problem.  Ron could get the game on his TV, but it was in Spanish.  Ah, Chihuahua!  Ron turned the sound off and did the commentary just by looking at the picture.  It worked.  It was certainly different, but it worked.  It is known as Yankee Ingenuity. 

At half-time, Bill and I went to the motorhome and watched the last of the NASCAR race.  When that was finished, we watched the last of the football game.  Oregon lost by three points.  Sniff, sniff!

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