Thursday, September 3, 2015

September 3, 2015---Flying J, Jerome, ID to Walmart in Price, Utah.

We were on just about the same schedule today as yeaterday...6:10 departure, going east on Interstate 84. 

I went back to sleep.  Two hours later I woke up to a very quite coach.  I got up to see what was going on.  We were at a Rest Area and Bill was outside cleaning the windows of the motorhome.  This was odd behavior, even for Wild Bill.  When he finally gave me an explanation, it made sense...kind of!  He had been driving east and when the the sun came up, he had a difficult time seeing because of the dirty windshield!

As we were crossing the state line, I was talking to Brent.  We put on a good show for him.  Lots of honking and much yahooing!  We wanted Brent to know that we are still doing a good job, even at our advanced ages.

When we got to the area of Salt Lake City, traffic slowed down because of a wreck several miles further on.  It was a bad wreck... so bad that it was impossible to tell the make of one of the cars.  The trunk and back bumper were completely gone.  The motor was mangled and hanging out and the windshield was totally shattered.  Ouch!

We had a late lunch at In-N-Out.  Yum, yum! 

The drive through Price Canyon was very enjoyable.  There was very little traffic and the terrane was really pretty.  A lot of signs cautioned about deer, but we didn’t see any.  One part of the highway was in the deer migration path, but we didn’t see any of the critters.  A couple of road kill coyotes, but that was all we saw.

We parked at Walmart and after resting for a short time, we went geocaching...found two and had one DNF.

Mileage for today was 340.

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