Friday, September 18, 2015

September 18, 2015---Michelle’s house, Loveland, Colorado

The temperature today was even cooler than yesterday.  And we had some wind that made it seem colder.  No...there was no snow here, but there was in the high mountain places to the west of Loveland.

Bill and I went to Fort Collins for lunch today.  We like to eat baked potatoes at Wendy’s.  It was a leisurely time.  One of the workers wanted to talk to us about the places we’ve visited in the last 17 years.

Before leaving the area, Bill did a little shopping at Harbor Freight.  It is one of his favorite places to shop.  When we got back to Loveland, we made a stop at the Dermatologist to get appointments for both of us.  Bill wasn’t happy that we have to wait over a month to see Dr. Bair.  He keeps making noises about getting back on the road.  I am more realistic about the amount of doctor appointemnts, lab tests, x-rays, etc. we need to take care of before leaving Loveland.

Our fortune cookie from Panda Express last night read “You are an adventurer---travel the highway of

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