Tuesday, September 15, 2015

September 15, 2015---Michelle’s house, Loveland, Colorado

This morning, Meredith brought the dogs over to spend the day with Tippy.  A few minutes later, she left and Joey left with her.  Michelle said he was practically glued to Meredith’s side.  Hapa immediately ran down stairs.  She loves it down there.  But Joey would rather be with Meredith any time and all the time.

Bill and I went to Sam’s Club.  After eating hot dogs for lunch, we shopped for two items.  Neither thing that we needed was available.

We located Best Buy on my cell phone and followed the map to where it was located.  We were shopping for a Fitbit Charge HR.  Dr. Huneycut said I needed to be able to keep track of my heart rate.  I had an incident before leaving Brent’s last winter where my heart rate was 153...way to high!  Sometimes in the past I have needed a monitor, but didn’t have one.  Several times my heart was beating as fast as a run away train.

I should be able to keep track of it with this new “gizmo,” but I may have to wear a monitor for a month or so.

This afternoon, the weather was beautiful, so when Meredith came to get the pups, we sat on the patio and watched them play.  That is a good way to relax.

I may be calling Lori in the morning to find out how to reset “gizzy” for the next day.  She has one like it.  I had help from Joshua, Meredith, and Lori on the phone and we were able to program some things but not others.

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