Friday, September 25, 2015

September 25, 2015---Michelle’s Driveway

My accomplishment for this morning was doing three rounds on the stairs, followed by 25 minutes on the bicycle.  As soon as I finished, I lay down in Matthew’s old room (he moved downstairs a couple of weeks ago) to rest so I would have enough energy to go back out to the motorhome.

Not long after I got back out to the MH and was resting on the sofa, David, my physical therapist came.  It really was good to see him.  He was concerned to see how much my balance had deteriorated.  That is what we will be working on before we start working on my endurance.

I napped until Meredith and the pups came for some playtime.  We sat out in the backyard for over an hour.  It was enjoyable, as always, sitting out, visiting, and watching the pups play.  Bill was cutting some weeds and Hapa was helping him.  On a scale of 1 to 10, I think she was 1.5 on the “helpful chart.”  She was happy to be with him, though.

And now I am going to turn to the “shopping saga of the tow vehicles.”  A lot of motorhomers tow a vehicle behind their rigs, especially those of us who live fulltime in our RVs.

Several years ago, Bill and i were driving on a street in Concord, California, when a young lady turned left in front of us.  The accident totaled our Honda CRV and her dad’s Mercedes.  And so we went shopping!

A couple of years later, our friends, Dwight and Sheila, were driving on a very dark night on a back road in Nevada, when they encountered a black cow.  Their Honda CRV was totaled, as was the cow, I’m sure.  And so they went shopping!

I was talking to our friends, Todd and Bonnie, two days ago.  Bonnie was sick, so Todd drove himself to Verizon.  He had just turned on the dirt road to the campground when he lost control and hit the llama barn which was right at the edge of the road on a curve.  I ask Todd what the llama was doing while several people were securing the fence by the barn.  He said he was just watching them.  Dwight said he was probably wondering where “that guy” would leave the carrots he usually brought by on his morning walks.  And so they are shopping!

Today, my brother called from a fuel stop in Oklahoma City.  As Peggy pulled their Country Coach up to the pump and turned off the key, she heard a loud bang.  She got out to see what was wrong when there was another bang.  They tow a little Honda Fit and the truck driver pulling in behind them couldn’t see the little car, couldn’t understand why he couldn’t get up close to the motorhome, so he tried again.  That was the second “bang!”  So Jim and Peggy will be shopping, too!

Keep America Green! Spend more money!  Buy a new tow vehicle!

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