Monday, September 14, 2015

September 14, 2015---Michelle’s driveway, Loveland, Colorado

At 1:00,  Bill and I had appointments with Dr. Huneycut.  Bill has had some problems with his neck.  He will have x-rays taken to see if there is anything serious going on.

I am still having “balance” problems.  I am going to have testing to see if I have a blood flow problem. 

I had blood work done last week, but didn’t get any results yet.  I will try to follow that up tomorrow.  I know there were other concerns, but right, I can’t remember what they were.  Now you know why I wanted Michelle to go along with me.

I took a nap when we got back home.  After dinner, Michelle, Joshua, Tippy, and I walked around the block.  That went a little better than yesterday...not much, but some better.  As we were starting our walk, a little rabbit jumped out of Michelle’s flower bed and hopped across the street.
We watched the season premier of Dancing With The Stars tonight.

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