Thursday, September 17, 2015

September 17, 2015---Michelle’s house, Loveland, Colorado

It was cooler today than it has been for quite a few days.  We enjoyed the change.  I said maybe it would snow.  Of course, that got a “Boo!  Hiss!” from Bill.  I really know how to get him riled up, don’t I?  I’ve had so many years of practice!

Meredith came after work.  She and Michelle made a quick shopping trip to Walmart.  When they got back, we sat out in the backyard and watched the dogs play.  Tippy always likes having a good game of chase.  Every once in awhile, Hapa has to let the others know she’s in charge.  Her herding instincts are well developed.  It would be interesting to see her with a pen of sheep.

Bill went to get dinner at Panda Express.  That is one of our favorite “take out and bring home” places for dinner.  Just about when it was time to sit down and eat, it was time to watch the Broncos take on the Chiefs in K.C.

It was rather a slow game for most of the first half.  The Chiefs scored twice with just a few minutes in that half.  Denver scored twice in about two minutes with just seconds to go until the half-time.  I called Brent to ask him if he was watching after all.  He said he had just gotten home.  I said he should turn it on because it was tied at the half.

The game was tied late in the 4th quarter, when Denver intercepted and scored, winning the game!!!!  I called Brent again to cheer long distance!  I could hear someone cheering in the background.  I ask Brent who was cheering.  He said Willie had a bad cough!  Actually it was Courtney cheering for the Broncos.  That made me very happy.  With any luck, maybe she will brainwash him.  We can always hope, even though there isn’t much chance of it happening!  We all think he is a lost cause!

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