Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 30, 2015---Michelle’s Driveway

The last time I was called on to be the Tooth Fairy, we were at an FMCA Convention in Redmond, Oregon.  JP and Natalia were with us.  We can’t remember the year of that convention, but Natalia lost a tooth (so you figure when it might have been).  She was concerned that the Tooth Fairy might not be able to find her, so she wrote a letter and we put a copy of it on the back of the MH.  We also taped a copy to the front door, just in case she came from that direction. 

Well, the Tooth Fairy did find us.  So did some assistant Tooth Fairies.  There were several quarters left on the back bumper of the motorhome, as well as several necklaces and bracelets.  Some workmen came to service our tow bar and the tucked two dollar bills behind Natalia’s letter.  That might have broken the record of Tooth Fairy visits.  We don’t know for sure.

The saga continues...Bill has had a loose tooth for quite awhile, but recently it started to bother him when he was eating.  Michelle and I both tried to pull it, but it just wasn’t ready.  Yesterday, it was ready to come out and Bill pulled it.

Meredith and Michelle ask me to take over Tooth Fairy duties.  Michelle had printed a sign to go with the tooth.  They included $8.00, one for each decade!

At 2:30 this morning, Bill discovered it.  I pretended to be asleep (I’ve had lots of practice) so he didn’t find out the details until this morning at 8:00.  I plan to put in for retirement benefits!  This was my final job, I think.

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